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  • LaWanda Jones: meeting the challenge As a student, she handled a rigorous engineering curriculum. As an engineer who progressed into the marketing field, she prevailed over a different set of challenges.
  • Celebration of Nations Building bridges with Missouri S&T's annual Celebration of Nations
  • Eye Tracking Study Eyes may be the “windows to the soul,” as the adage states. But Missouri S&T researchers are finding that how the eye moves around a website ...
  • Tonya Huskey has always been interested in lifelong learning, so working in continuing education at Missouri S&T was a great career fit.
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Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to Missouri S&T’s core values

As an inclusive, welcoming community, Missouri S&T strives to build a creative learning environment marked by openness, understanding and a shared value of all people and perspectives. We endeavor to foster an innovative, collaborative environment in which to learn, conduct research and work. By embracing this spirit of inclusion, Missouri S&T supports diverse talent and successfully prepares our students for a dynamic global environment.

See a problem?

Have you witnessed or experienced an act which you believe discriminates, stereotypes, harasses or excludes anyone based on some part of their identity? Don’t be silent when you know something is wrong Report it.

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Quotes of the month:

 "Differences challenge assumptions."
 Anne Wilson Schaef:, Author, lecturer, psychotherapist

"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together."
Malcolm Forbes, Former publisher of Forbes Magazine

"Inclusion has a broad, positive impact on all students. It provides students with lessons in diversity, cooperation, and respect for all people and abilities."

Life-long Inclusion and Participation Begins in School

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